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Our Mission

Reaching out like never before
12Thru21.com was started by Johnny Scott. The mission of our 12Thru21.com is to reach out to troubled children in a way like never before and show them the errors they are making and the reality that may result. We want to reach your children before it's too late!

Meet Mentor, Johnny Scott

My story of trouble and triumph
Born in Charleston, SC, the first child of Mark & Patti Scott, I was blessed with a family that was busting at the seams with love. Unfortunately, we were rather poor. My father was arrested by Federal Agents when I was a child and served almost five years in a federal prison. By the time he got in trouble I had three siblings, two sisters and a brother. His charges were distribution of cocaine and consipiracy to break 1,000 lbs, which I actually didn't find out until I was arrested for shop lifting at the age of 13. My mom had to tell the PTI lady the charges of anybody in the house on probation. I'll never forget the way she looked at me when knew she had to tell her that because I had been told he was arrested for buying some hunting guns illegally.
To make a long story short, I'll fast forward to when I was 15, and I got the call that my parents were fighting and my father had caught the house on fire and shot himself. My best friend, Brandon, and I, along with my mom's brother sped to my house which was about 15 minutes away. By the time I had arrived the police had formed a human chain locking arms to keep people back from our property. I immediately cut through the woods and ran towards the house where a man who reminded me of Sergeant Pain waited for me to get close enough to clothesline me and handcuff me while laying on my stomach. I looked up and could see them wheeling my father's body down the steps and I knew he was gone because the sheet was covering his face.

The Breaking Point

How I turned it all around
I'll let you in on a little secret—The only two times in my 6 years of high school I arrived to school before the first bell was the day after my father decided to end his own life and torch our home—and the other occasion will require us to fast forward two more years. Brandon and I have been going in for some time now and it all comes to a head in October of 2003. I sold him a fire arm for him to go commit a robbery and it resulted with the immediate loss of one young man's life and the the imprisonment of others.

Brandon was sentenced to 30 years in prison for murder, another friend of mine was sentenced to 20 years for accessory (Sadly he was murdered before his second year in custody), and a female associate of my friends was also sentenced to 20 years. I, on the other hand, was sentenced to 10 years in prison, which was immediately suspended to 5 years of probation. I wasn't allowed to return to my high school, but I did go to alternative school where I joined the Eagles Club and earned honor roll. I then returned to Stratford High School where I got the highest grade in the English department. Before my father died my GPA was a measly 2.5 and after he passed, it dropped to around 0.5. After my friend was arrested my GPA jumped to a 3.5+.

I ended up getting my GED since I was so close to my 21st birthday, but I placed so high on my test scores I was awarded a scholarship through a group called TRIO, so I enrolled to Trident Tech and received a certificate in refrigeration and started to work towards a degeree in mechanical engineering. My sister was diagnosed with cancer and due to unfortunate circumstances, I failed to attend 2 semesters. My sister went into remission and then I enrolled into USC where I have obtained 2 associate degrees and am now working towards my Bachelors in Business. I have owned and operated my own American Bully kennel for the last 12 years so let's just say I'm good at teaching bullies how to listen and how to teach those who get bullied how to run with the big dogs.

I can't think of anything I'd rather do with my time and energy than to reach out to children who are taking the dangerous path I chose as a child and maybe help lead them to a better and brighter life. I only wish that I would have had someone who could try and reach me other than the parents and teachers I had programmed myself to block out.