Outreach Services

Reaching Out to Trouble Kids

12Thru21.com specializes in kids, teens, & young adults who have trouble with authority. We are an alternative to the ineffective strategies such as scared straight or military school. These steps usually leave kids feeling even tougher afterwards and more resentful towards parents.

Locking a kid in jail for a day while he listens to stories from the trusties is not that effective. The child just gets the notion that it isn't as bad as everybody makes it out to be. Not to mention now they can brag about how they have now been to jail!

With 12Thru21.com you will have a one-on-one sit down where an individual plan will be devised and discussed with the guardian. If agreed upon, a series of sessions will begin that are designed to remove aggression, depression or even drug addiction.

Outreach Session Pricing

$500 / week long session
Day 1= One on One “plan preparation”
Day 2= Beginning a friendship “patient preparation”
Day 3= Show & tell “Get patient to share what it is they enjoy, respect and desire”
Day 4= Compare and contrast “ Point out the missing links”
Day 5= Rebuild and Repair “Set up secret scenario to test desired traits.”

1-2 hour one on one consultation to access the child and devise a plan of attack. This is something we will offer for free which at the conclusion of we will present the guardian with our assessment. If it is something we think we can provide a solution for, we will go over our plan with the guardian and see if it is something they wish to proceed with. If we feel the behaviors being exhibited exceed our level of expertise than we will suggest what other options you may try and rectify the undesired behaviors.

Activites Covered in Session Costs

This isn’t something I can truly answer in a broad sense as each child might have an activity I have never even used before. An example could be that versus sitting in a jail listening to trusties I could arrange a cell phone call to my childhood best friend who has already served fourteen years out of a thirty year bid. The cost of these sessions includes any fees acquired during our time together including but not limited to: Theme parks, restaurants, parks and playgrounds, and any items or products I feel the child needs to reach their epiphany.


This truly consist more of a follow around. I will provide the child with my own personal number and encourage them to call me any time for any reason, but truthfully you (The parents) will be who I want them reaching out to. It is my job to show them the path. It is your job to walk the path with them.


Drugs & Disobedience

Drugs and disobedience usually go hand in hand! Kids who have drug addiction aren't our focus group, but if you are having trouble with a kid who is just over curious and following friends up and maybe trying things that they shouldn't be trying we are more than open to try and reach them!